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Welcome to EnviroTech Australia

Simply put, at EnviroTech we solve problems. Ones that normal people don't want to takle. Like, what happens to the old technology we no longer use it? Or how many people does it take to screw on a lightbulb? We wont rest until these questions are answered.

Real People with Real Goals

Aren't you so sick of companies promosing the moon and never delivering? At EnviroTech we are actually working towards the largest inter-planetary tree planting campaign so that we can have somewhere to sit under on Earth and on the moon.

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Tech waste, less space

Our founder Alana loves to walk. One day she was enjoying a stroll along the beach when CRUCH! What was under her foot? An Ipad 2. Alana was just so appauled that a perfectly retro IPad was just cast away to be used by poseidon, when we ALL know he prefers Android. That was the mmoment when EnviroTech was born.

Renew = New Again

Old technology still has a use. You don't throw away Grandma when the Grandkids are born, do you? We believe in gathering, reconfidguring and resusing old technology to fuel the projects of the future. EnviroTech has proudly turned 10,000 IPads into the worlds first ISolar Farm.

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We at EnviroTech are not done yet. We are commited to creating real world, practical and inspiring project's a reality. If you have any ideas that we can assist please reach out to us below!